Arizona Title 4 Bartender Alcohol Awareness Training

Arizona alcohol awareness training ensures that alcohol service remains fun and rewarding, but also a job that is to be taken seriously. When alcohol is involved, people -- and situations -- can sometimes get out of control.

Therefore, a bartender, or alcohol seller-server, needs to be prepared for difficult people and situations and be aware of their own liability and the need to protect themselves professionally and personally. That's why alcohol awareness training is necessary.

Benefits of Alcohol Awareness Training

  • Educates bartenders and servers about responsible alcohol consumption and offer strategies for protecting guests, employers, and themselves.
  • Details the physiological effects of alcohol and offer important information about legal liability.
  • Helps further a career as a professional bartender or alcohol server.
  • May be required by a state or municipality to sell or serve alcohol.
  • May be required for employment by an establishment: bar, restaurant, hotel, tavern, night club, banquet hall, liquor store, grocery store, convenience store and/or gas station.
  • Educates owners, managers and staff on liability, state laws, and local ordinances regarding alcohol service.

Legal Protection
It has become increasingly necessary for servers of alcohol to protect themselves legally. Due to draw-shop liability laws, servers themselves can be held responsible for any harm that intoxicated or underage guests perpetrate on themselves or others. So, it is important for alcohol servers to be aware of their liability and to protect themselves.

Arizona Title 4 Basic Training
A Basic Certificate of Completion is required in addition to a Management Certificate of Completion for all Owners, Agents, and Managers actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. Basic courses can be for off-sale, on-sale or both. The Basic Title 4 training Certificate of Completion is valid for (3) three years from the completion date recorded on the certificate. Arizona liquor law does not require all employees of licensed establishments to have a Certificate of Completion for Basic Title 4 Training.

Arizona Title 4 Management Training
Liquor License Owners, Agents, and Managers actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business are required to complete a state approved Management Title 4 Training Course prior to the issuance of a Liquor License or approval of a Management Agreement. A Basic Certificate of Completion is a pre-requisite for enrolling in and completing a Management Course. The Management Title 4 Training Certificate of completion will be valid for (3) three years from the completion date recorded on the certificate.

Arizona State-approved Title 4 Training Provider: dba

Arizona Alcohol Awareness Training Info

  • Alcohol Server Awareness Training
  • State Contact Info
  • State Regulations

Arizona Title 4 Alcohol Awareness Training Course

Course Description
The alcohol seller-server awareness training course educates a student with the necessary knowledge of the proven techniques needed to be a responsible server of alcohol, the laws regarding alcohol service, and to provide a safe environment for customers. Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Understand the physiological effects of alcohol;
  • Use behavioral cues to assess intoxication levels in guests;
  • How to refuse a sale to an intoxicated guest;
  • How to prevent and deal with disturbances;
  • How to accurately check IDs and recognize minors;
  • Understand your liability and how to protect yourself and your establishment; and
  • How to prevent second-party sales.

Audience: Employees in establishments that sell and serve alcohol in bars, restaurants, hotels, taverns, night clubs, concessions, banquet halls: bartenders, bar backs, servers and managers.

Credit Hours: 3 hrs

Course Objectives (Title 4 Basic)

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe alcohol use.
  • Recognize the effects of alcohol.
  • Identify the seller's role in the enhancement of public safety.
  • Discuss the seller's responsibilities and obligations under the law.
  • Define blood alcohol concentration and how it is calculated.
  • Describe the effects of mixing alcohol with other drugs.
  • Recognize intoxicated individuals.
  • Refuse a sale to someone with little conflict.
  • Prevent disturbances in the establishment and handle difficult situations.
  • Check IDs accurately, and recognize clues for when an individual is using a fake ID.
  • Recognize second-party sales.

Course Objectives (Title 4 Manager)

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the roles and functions of the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control.
  • Identify the ways in which the Arizona liquor laws are enforced.
  • Explain the powers of the State Liquor Board.
  • Explain dram shop liabilities.
  • Describe the regulations for licensed premises.
  • Identify the types of liquor licenses.
  • Explain the requirements for management.
  • Identify the general business practices for on-sale liquor, handling disorderly conduct and acts of violence.
  • State the regulations for dealing with intoxicated customers.
  • Describe the regulations regarding minors.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: How Alcohol Affects the Body
  • Lesson 3: Recognizing Intoxicated Customers
  • Lesson 4: Preventing Disturbances
  • Lesson 5: Minors and Liability
  • Lesson 6: Second-Party Sales
  • Lesson 7: How to Refuse a Sale
  • Lesson 8: State Laws

End of Course Test & Certificate
At the conclusion of the training, the learner will be tested on their knowledge of the learning objectives and content. Upon successfully passing the exam with a minimum of 70%, the learner will be able to download a training course certificate.

Arizona Alcohol Regulatory Agency

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC), authorized by Arizona Revised Statutes Title 4, is responsible for reviewing state liquor applications and issuing renewal licenses. The DLLC employs law enforcement, licensing, auditing, education, publicity, and communication to protect public safety and support economic growth through the responsible sale and consumption of liquor, and to efficiently license qualified applicants.

Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC)
800 W. Washington, 5th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 542-5141